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Upholstery Cleaning
Let Us Bring Your Upholstery Back to LIfe

NY Upholstery Cleaning Services

Our team can restore the color and life of your existing furniture, making it look and feel brand new.

Big Apple Carpet’s upholstery cleaning service removes dust, pet dander, dirt, skin particles, body oils, sweat, food, and stains from all sorts of fabrics including leather!

Top Quality Equipment & Methods For Better Results

Our New York upholstery cleaners are able to do this because we are a professional company using professional equipment, methods, and products.

And the end result is furniture that not only looks as good as it did before we even stepped into the door, it’s protected from future spillage and general wear and tear.

Yes, our upholstery cleaning New York division does more than simply clean – we restore and extend the life of furniture you might have considered replacing or trading in. We clean, restore, and extend with our upholstery protector services.

Better Cleaning, Better Health

And we also improve your environment’s quality. Because our process removes so many dangerous allergens, we make your living environment healthier – all without damaging sensitive fabrics and textures.

Our process is effective, yet gentle.

The hot water extraction system we use loosens and removes deposits from your upholstery, and then lifts your upholstery’s fabric to give it an even, uniform, and smooth finish regardless of type, density, texture, or style. All of that, with no soap reside ever remains.

Call our upholstery cleaning New York division today so we can identify and pre-treat problem areas, do a full clean and repair job, and protect your furniture with a special Scotch Guard and enzyme-based deodorizer application.

All three of these steps will bring back your upholstery’s original color and shine while keeping your furniture fresh for months to come.

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