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Get Rid Of Dust Mites!

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While you are thinking about cleaning your carpet, rugs, and upholstery, one thing is usually left behind Ė cleaning your mattress.

Unless itís visibly dirty, you wonít know that your mattress isnít sanitary. The fact is, mattresses can harbor all sorts of allergens and irritants invisible to the naked eye. Otherwise known as dust mites, these irritants can trigger asthma attacks, eczema flame-ups, and symptoms of the common cold.

Can our New York mattress cleaning service help?

You bet! Dust mites live in mattresses, blankets, and pillows and they reproduce in the millions. If you suspect that youíre suffering from a dust mite infestation, but you arenít quite sure, the signs are itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, sudden asthma attacks, eczema, or bronchitis.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you definitely need our New York mattress cleaning service since washing sheets, blankets and pillowcases isnít enough to remove dust mites. In fact, itís really only a temporary solution to a problem rooted deep inside bedding that just canít fit inside a washer.

And since dust mites feed on dead skin cells, they can resurface on fresh linen in as little as a few days of washing Ė increasing in number and leaving behind excrement and eggs. Yes, this is Ďgross,í but armed with the facts, you can reduce your chances of a dust mite infestation with a little knowledge about the critters.

Hereís a quick run down:

* Mattresses and pillows collect thousands of skin cells every day.
* Dead skin cells are a source of food for dust mites and will sustain a colony for up to 170 days.
* Most of the allergy-triggering substance in a dust mite infestation is excretion. A single * dust mite can excrete 200 times its body weight over a lifetime.
* A dust mite can go without food for 365 days.
* Female dust mites lay up to 300 eggs each.

As you can see, a dust mite infestation is serious business!

They only way to efficiently rid the problem is to consult a professional like our New York mattress cleaning service, Big Apple Carpet.

Our professional mattress cleaners will treat dust mite infestations (and clean urine from mattress accidents too) with a specialized chemical-free process designed to:

  1. loosen embedded dirt and dust with high frequency waves
  2. trap debris with a high powered vacuum, and then
  3. sterilize the area with an anti-bacterial, insect repelling and chemical free disinfectant.

This process kills dust mites, excrement bacteria, and mold spores. It additionally removes skin cells and dust.

Donít be a victim of a dust mite infestation. Call Big Apple Carpet today!

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